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Chris is a graduate of the London School of Business and Technologies. He is an innovative director. He has been involved in the management activities of some businesses in the UK. His entrepreneurial contribution has made him develop reputable management skills and a solid experience in starting up businesses and running them at top levels.

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/Office manager/

sonya-1Sonya is a seasoned entrepreneur and one of the directors of Easy Moving Ltd. She has attended a business school in London where she learnt the management skills that she is putting in practice today. Sonya has excellent communication skills. She has meticulous observation skills and as such, she helps organisations to put their ideas into practical shape.

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Boris-seoMeet Boris, the Search Engine Optimization guy. Call him dedicated, an outstanding SEO lead or an avid entrepreneurial leader. Borislav is an SEO specialist and a reliable SEO consultant. Many firms across Europe trust him to deliver when it comes to anything involving SEO. Additionally, he is the CEO of Idea Studio Ltd, an excellent SEO company. He is a fast-learning and practical guy who has satisfied clients all over Europe and from other parts of the world.

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About Easy UK Moving Ltd.

We are a registered environmental company  that looks at the problems of rubbish collection in London and its boroughs. Our work is to collect garbage that is troubling your stay and mind you, 80% of the debris we remove from residential and commercial areas is recycled.

We ensure a cleaner and organized home/ office for you

Since our inception, our vision is to improve the welfare of the residents of London and its suburbs by providing a rubbish free environment. Our mission is to touch the cover as many homes, offices and industrial environments as possible to make our clients happy.

Do you want to visit us?

We are located at Flat 4 upney court,the Drive,Barking,Essex. If you want to see us for any inquiries about our services, that is the place to get us. Our relationships with our garbage removal customers heavily rely on the feedback you give. That is the basis of improving our services to you. For that reason, we welcome clients and all those people whose interests we have at heart. We have well-organized staff who will attend to you and listen to you. Our experience in junk collection can't be matched by other companies in the City.

We never let our customers down

Look, if you need any waste removed from your home or office or yard, contact us immediately. Easy Moving Ltd clears general lawn waste, refurbishment or building material waste, furniture, and unnecessary appliances.  There is a range of services rendered by our workers in the field of rubbish removal; we offer house and office clearance, builder’s clearance and many other services. For more information visit our services page.

We take care of your pocket

We offer low yet competitive prices for quality garbage collection services throughout the region. As low as from £26, and your residential area or workplace is clean! The good thing with us is that we don’t hide any costs nor keep some details from the site of our clients. Don’t fear to ask us any question regarding the services that we provide to our esteemed clients.

We are aware that you are a busy person. We want to save you the agony of having to see us at our location. You are free to contact our ever-present support staff for any inquiries, terms of our services and calls for service delivery. Don’t hesitate to hit the call button and get help from our highly trained, qualified and tested workers.

Tel: 02081503659