Garden Clearance

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Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance

The following scenario could be what your garden is experiencing currently.  There could be heaps of annoying green rubbish, a lot of waste paper and other packaging materials. That way, a lot of space that you could have used for other activities is eaten up. The Easy UK is the sole solution to your problems.

You could be finding it tough to access some parts of your garden. Alternatively, there could be overgrown garden that you could be neglecting because you are busy. Our workers will save you from such disappointment.


With due response to your garden clearance needs, we shall do the following;

  • Cut overgrown hedges
  • Remove pruned shrub branches and bushes
  • Clear lawn grass that you cut and collected
  • Sweep waste leaves and flowers
  • Carry away unwanted garden tools and equipment
  • Remove other garden waste
  • Old fences and timber removal
  • Clear any garbage associated with scrap metals and packaging material


Note that:

 We own a recycling base, and we shall recycle any waste that is recyclable. Remember, we mind the way your home environment looks.


Hiring our services will guarantee you:

  • Convenience- We know you need time for other activities. We save your time. Our operatives will clear your garden of any rubbish within a short period and when you want them to do it.
  • Cheapest rates – No other clearance service is more affordable than those offered by Easy UK Ltd. You will never pay more for a poor clearance as you have done with other service providers. Banish any thoughts that we have other hidden charges.
  • Meticulous cleaning- We are committed to fast response to our clients. We shall comb, sweep and clean everything that is undesirable from your lawn. We take our time cleaning your lawn. Your satisfaction will validate our service. You don’t pay unless you are happy.


Is access to your garden a problem? Our workers will show you how they will be helpful. They have worked on varied types of complicated gardens throughout the boroughs of London. There is a sigh of relief in your heart when they begin decluttering your garden.



A promise of safety           

Your children will have a lot of safe space in which to play. No rusty garden equipment. No plastic package that can suffocate your kids if they tampered with them. It is easy for you to navigate through a decluttered lawn than through one in the situation described at the beginning of the text. That is a mark of quality for visitors to consider your home enjoyable.


Hire our services 24/7


We bag and carry away all the rubbish in your garden. Seek our services any day of the week. It is important that you check our services page to know more about our clearance services. You only need to identify that your garden needs to be clean. You then wait to certify that your garden looks as you desire after clearance. That is all you need to do.


Don’t wait!

Get your share of benefits as early as possible.  Let not your garden look bad or pose any danger to your navigation. It is the right time to do something that can improve your welfare within the shortest time.


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