Mall Clearance

Do you want your mall to flourish?  Get mall Clearance service from Easy UK

Can you visualize using the most eco-friendly mall clearance service possible on the planet?  It is here for you. It is in   London, just for you. Wise business people like you always target better working environment. Trusting the Easy UK is a gateway to making your mall and by extension the entire city of London more adorable.


It is not only those restaurants that you manage within your malls but also your retail stores.  We are creating more space for your business. Your staff members will find it incredibly easy to move within the mall. No chance of inconveniences.


It is undoubtedly true that you will;

  • Considerably minimize your costs


You will use most of your money on other constructive activities other than waste management. Our costs are friendly, and that means your expenses will be reduced.


  • Maximize the use of your time

Instead of you worrying on how you should remove your waste, cast your cares upon us. We will help you and we will save your time.  Imagine completing other tasks in time and coming back to see all the rubbish removed!


  • Free waste management tips

You will have experienced hands on the job. Expertise is the word here. In case you got any troubling questions on how you will deal with waste problems, our staff will be the answer. Most London boroughs have received their services. Our operatives know the ins and outs of waste removal. That will be to your benefit.


We do it in the following simple steps:


  • Prepare your bulky waste - You should spot the waste and put it together.
  • Call us to book our service - our support staff is waiting for that call at any time of the day throughout the week. It wouldn't be to your detriment if you took two or so minutes from your busy schedule to discuss how we will help you.
  • Our workers will be sent to complete the task - Typically, they will do that in a range of a few minutes to few hours depending on your location. The response is prompt.


We will pick up:

  • Kitchen refuse from your restaurants
  • Cookers
  • Old furniture
  • Waste packaging like boxes and plastic bags and much more.

Your mall stands to gain more

Nobody waits for waste to change the perception of their clients and turn them away from their malls eventually. We are sure you can’t too. All customers will be relaxed as they wait for your services. Given their guaranteed satisfaction, more will come.


We own a recycling base that will save million in values of recycled waste. It sounds good to have that feeling that you will do away with waste cheaply and conveniently.


Note that we don’t have hidden costs for our services

We have served many busy malls throughout the city. None complains about hidden additional charges. We take care of the welfare of our clients and the environment in which they operate. Welcome to the Easy solution, and you will be smiling when our workers leave your premises.


Get through to us now


Tel: 02081503659 is the hotline.

Call us anytime of the day to book your mall clearance solution. Even now!