Rubbish Removal Prices

Rubbish Removal / House Clearance Prices

Rubbish Removal Prices

Items Price

Single Item

Labour: 5 Min
Cubic yards: 1
Max weight: 50kg
Equivalent to: 5 bags


Minimum Load

Labour: 10 Mins
Cubic yards: 1.5
Max weight: 150kg
Equivalent to: 8 bin bags


1/4 Load

1-4-load-rubbish-removal copyLabour: 20 Mins
Cubic yards: 3.5
Max weight: 350kg
Equivalent to: 20 bin bags


1/3 Load

1-3-load-rubbish-removal copyLabour: 30 Mins
Cubic yards: 5.25
Max weight: 525kg
Equivalent to: 30 bin bags


1/2 Load

1-2-load-rubbish-removal copyLabour: 40 Mins
Cubic yards: 7
Max weight: 700kg
Equivalent to: 40 bin bags


3/4 Load

3-4-load-rubbish-removal copyLabour: 50 Mins
Cubic yards: 10.5
Max weight: 1050kg
Equivalent to: 60 bin bags


Full Load

full-load-rubbish-removal copyLabour: 60 Mins
Cubic yards: 14
Max weight: 1400kg
Equivalent to: 80 bin bags






Man and a van

Small Van Transit Removals

1 man with van


2 men with van





Sofa Removal Prices

Sofa removal



Large sofa





An additional surcharge of £10 will apply for all appointments/jobs taking place after working hours, (after 6:00 PM) or weekends. This is a one time, static charge, not per hour.
An additional congestion charge of £11.5, may apply in cases where the team/s have to travel through a congestion zone.
An additional 20% surcharge may be added to appointment/jobs taking place on holidays.
If either the pick up or the delivery address is located more than 5 miles outside of the M25, an additional surcharge of £50-£75 will be added.
An additional charge of £20 may be added if the rubbish is subject to point 2.4. of these Terms and Conditions.

Additional charges for other items to be removed are as follows:
Extra 10 minutes labour - £10
TV/Monitor -£15
Fridge - £30
Commercial Fridge - £80
Per Fluorescent Tube -£1
Building Waste Surcharge – £20

No hidden costs!


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