Now it is a moment just after the construction and refurbishment of your house. You can visualize the amount of waste and building materials lying close to your patios. Some are in the house and even in the kitchen! How horrible and ugly does that scene appear? You have a better option than to sit and worry. The hotline is 02081503659. Give us a call and all your queries and concerns will get instant attention.


  • They will come typically within a few minutes of your call. The worker(s) will come in a small van transit or one Luton van, and that will be quick.  You don’t have to wait all day for you to get the job done. Typically, that will take an hour or two depending on the amount of garbage available. That reminds you why we care about you.
  • Waste will be collected and loaded ready for disposal. The job of our customer, in this case, is to identify what is to be disposed of. We will ensure that what you could like to keep for home use or further building will be left as such.
  • All the pieces of timber and iron sheets or hardboards and waste plastic will be swept and put together ready for transportation.

All the workers that we will send to you are full of experience and respect. They are committed and have the highest levels of competence. That only reminds you that if you have visitors at your home early that evening, you are so sure that they will leave an excellent compliment at your table when they leave.
Our specialists are capable of handling all the situations of construction wastes. It doesn’t matter whether the rubbish arises from residential or commercial builders. They will make your home, industrial backyard or office stunning.


We clear all the builders’ waste at the lowest prices across the city. The service can cost you as low as £29/hour for one man with a small van. If they are two men with the same van, you will incur a total rate of £39 which saves you so much.


None can do it better than us. That is why we call for your prompt response to your problem. Check our prices page to check our rates and gauge how much your garbage may cost you. Try us today and the problem will be solved within the shortest time possible.