With massive adjustments going on in our society, there are many sources of waste and apparently few people who care about the disposal and imminent cleaning of the environment. Many industries, many companies, and production scenes have seen a tremendous production of rubbish. Easy Moving has taken the initiative to care for your organization, mining company or processing industry.
We have coordinated with many organizations in different industries. In workplaces parlance, the rubbish that we deal with includes the following;

  • Waste plastic – We take all this rubbish and recycle most of it in our recycling base saving the environment from degradation.
  • Waste wood – These include logs and tree trunks that makes mobility of people, machines, and vehicles operating within and around the premises of your organization.
  • Scrap metal – We collect all scrap metals from your industrial setup that can pose safety threats to your worker’s operation of machines in general.
  • Construction debris – In the business setting, many sites witness much construction and building. It, therefore, is clear that much metallic waste, pieces of timber and logs are left behind.


  1. Collection services – This includes picking up all your selected rubbish after you sort your stuff. We shall load the rubbish in our vans and then speed away as you pay us for what we take!
  2. Custom industry services – Every firm, home, church or school has unique needs. It is your time to describe exactly what you require of us. Completion of the task is in the hands of our well-vetted and trained crew. They will deliver every service efficiently.
  3. Disposal and recycling of waste – Above 80% of the waste that we get from your location is recyclable. After every collection, we will transport and dispose of the waste effectively.

That takes care of your surrounding and your dignity as a social institution. Your social responsibility regarding environmental protection solely rests on who you hire to remove and dispose of rubbish. Our expertise gives us the cutting edge here making us the best choice for you.


It doesn’t matter in which industry your institution or company operates. Our staff has vast experience and thus they can serve your needs as desired and at the right price. You do not have to worry about the availability of our workers because you got this number: 0741 835 3579. If you call, we will listen to you and know the way to solve your problems.