Clearing your house can be a daunting task. It depends on what you want to get rid of from the house and how fast you want it to be done.  You may be moving from your home to a new house, or you have a house full of unwanted stuff. We are the best-suited company to help you out with your house clearance.

How we help you

We assist in creating more space in the rooms of your house making it tidy and comfortable for you or your tenants to stay in. Easy company Ltd is here help you remove all forms of rubbish from your home. Additionally, we will wholeheartedly assist you to get rid of old books, wood, rubble, clothes, furniture, washing machines, cookers and carpets as requested by you.

It is possible that you want to clear a house after a tenant has just left and they left lots of unusable staff and some other recyclable stuff. Never should you worry. The work is a little bit messy, and you know that but we like it, and your house will never be topsy-turvy again. Sometimes the house clearance could be as a result of a dead relative or friend, and you are heavy with emotions. The job can be terrible and unbearable. In that case, our assistants will do you a superb job.

What you need to do 

Label your stuff – Here it will depend on your preferred colors. Look for stickers of different colors and mark the most important tools or stuff that you will want to keep. Label those that you want to be removed from your house as waste and those that you are willing to rent or sell in the process of the clearance. The different colors will guide our staff in the removal of the unwanted material. The labeling effort means that your rubbish elimination work is half complete.

Be careful with documents– it is possible that you may find yourself disposing of some of your documents if you do not keep a meticulous eye on everything you check. However in the case of any of such situations, our workers are good at that they will help you recover any documents found in the rubbish.

Never delay to call us

Our staff is ever ready to solve your woes. Within a short while, we will be at your location to clear the house. Remember that our prices are as low as ever! Just from £32 and those rusty metals, beds and old cupboards that you don’t want to see around your house are off! Give us a call and your house clearance will be successful.