It is possible that you are making a heavy restructure of your offices or you are moving from you long serving office premises for another one in town. That could mean real trouble from your cleaners and other staff. What next? Do you sit and bite your nails all day? No. London Rubbish Collection is here to your rescue.

We shall always ensure that your need for office space, your need for a beautifully organized office and elimination of unused and unusable office equipment and furniture is made a success. Your office problem; rubbish and congestion problem is our number one priority. Your need is the only thing we want to address and rapidly.

We make office clearance in the following areas;   

  • Office furniture –this includes old book casings and racking and safes that you may be using to store your files and books.
  • Office decoration- we remove decorations that you want to discard from your office. May it be those graven from wood or those made from clay or soapstone? Our workers will help you to remove them as you reorganize your office or sale them or donate the decorations to a charity.
  • Chairs and drawers– In cases of replacement of chairs and used desks, again you will call for our help. Additionally, if changing the location of your office, there is a possibility that you will leave much behind, and that needs to be cleared.
  • Office dividers- if you made partitions in your offices and you want to demolish the partitions, we will help you get rid of the waste plywood, soft and hard boards. That will restore cleanliness and space in your office.

Never put your furniture outside your office in case you don’t need it. That will disgust customers and make your office surrounding untidy. We have also observed lots of office furniture getting wasted year in year out. Don’t let yours be wasted too.

Call for office clearance and we will listen

Book our services today by calling us and your office we will be immaculate. Our assistants will be at your location in minimal time and consequently, the tasks will be done on time. The service is not costly either; so your office budget will not be strained.

It is cheap, quality office clearance

NOBODY frowns for having received a cheap service that embodies quality and that which is delivered fast. Neither should you or your office. Don’t wait to hear about us again; just call, our workers will quickly organize themselves to deliver quality to you.