Are you worried that excess and unwanted furniture is strangling your movement? Does it appear that even if you tried weightlifting for a few months in preparation to dispose of it, it will be hard to succeed? As far as you are not happy with the amount of space that you are left with, you should find a way of disposing of it. If you decide to remove one item of furniture, we will charge you a fair price.
We deal with all forms of furniture that you may be owning. This includes couches, sofa sets, futons, wall units, file cabinets, benches, recliners, dining chairs, and tables. If you are tired of such or want to donate them, then we will help you remove them from your home.
Once you decide to dispose of your furniture;

  • Abundantly skilled agents from London Rubbish Collection will come to your location. Normally, they will arrive in time given that you specified the time you want the room, loft or office to be cleared.
  • You will show the workers the furniture items that you want out of your home. That will prompt them to haul the furniture immediately ready for transport.
  • You will pay for the service after you have approved that you have been satisfied with the service delivery.


  • The service will be delivered within the same day of your request/booking.
  • You will not have to pay more for a quality service. Sadly, we know you have paid more in the past at different companies in town. We shall relieve you.
  • You don’t worry about recycling the waste- we will do that. This implies an eco-friendly method of furniture disposal.

When you come to London Rubbish Collection, we will help you get the real value for your money. In a case where you want to get rid of one heavy furniture item, pay us £45 only and it will be done. If you have more, the better. We don’t have any hidden charges, just check the prices on our website and you will never have any further questions.


Say goodbye to your furniture congestion woes. It is time that you throw away all the fear you had that you may not manage to get rid of disappointing furniture at your location. An extremely sure way of doing this is to call us today and those disturbing chairs, cupboards and safes. You should not break your back for no good reasons! Trust us and you will be free of excess furniture.